Newsletter 07.05.21


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Many thanks for your support over the recent vandalism of the forest school. Reparations are currently under way and we are hoping that the site will be clear and safe enough to be used by the children next week. We will get in touch if we have any specific requests for any items or manpower.



Abigail for always giving every learning opportunity a go.

Year 1

Aaliyah for being a resilient and courageous learner.

Year 2

Michael for being a phonics superstar.

Year 3+4

Henry Col for working hard in maths when finding fractions of amounts.

Sonny for persevering with challenging work and succeeding after lots of practise.

Year 5+6

Lucinda for being a great support to her friends.

Octavia for having a positive mind set in maths.

Wool request

If you have any leftover bits of wool or twine, please could you send into the Y5/6 class for them to use in their Art lessons. Many thanks in advance.

Governing body

We are looking to co-opt another governor onto the school governing body. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in this role please get in touch with us and we can give you some more information.

Summer term events

We are still waiting for guidance from the DfE regarding school protocols for the summer term. As of yet, there have been no changes, therefore, we cannot plan for end of term events. However, we do know that the Year 5/6 residential trip will be taking place in June. As soon as we have updated guidance and are able to plan anything else, we will let you know.

Term dates

This term we will break for half term on Friday 28th May and return to school on Monday 7th June. We break up for the summer on Friday 16th July and the children will start back in September on Monday 6th. There will be 3 inset days for staff 1st-3rd September.

Before and after school

Thank you so much for your support in adhering to the protocols we have around “morning drop-off” and “afternoon pick-up”. However, please can we ask that if you do need to drive to school, that you park considerately away from school – in the pub carpark etc. Some of our neighbours are concerned about cars parking in front of their driveway and obstructing their access and indeed we need to ensure the safe and clear access for the school bus.

Amazon wish list

We have added a few more items to the wish list on Amazon of books and resources which we are in need of. Should you wish to, you can purchase some resources for the school. We would be really grateful for any help you feel you could give. Please use the link

A big thank you for the items which we have already received.

Food allergies

Please be mindful that we have children in school with nut allergies. We ask that you do not put items with nuts or nut products into lunchboxes.


Friday 28th May- break up for half term

Best wishes,

Cathy Gouldstone and Lucy Kent and all the staff at North Marston School.

Our value for this term is courage